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ESPN 2nd message on Russian/Ukraine war

April 24th, 2022 It is exactly two months today, the unacceptable aggression of Ucraine Country and people from the Russian government has started. By chance this coincide with the catholic ortodox Easter day, a day of celebration of purity and purification of our soul , peace , fraternity. It is hypocrit at least to celebrate this religious occasion in the church in whatever...

ESPN message on Russian/Ukraine war

It is with unrestrained sorrow that as ESPN we’re following what is happening in Ukraine since now 20 days. Our scientific community has been joining since its constitution all physical European Continent pediatric neurosurgeons , so including Russian and more recently , among others, Ukraine pediatric professionals in our field. We’ve so had the privilege to appreciate their extreme...

Hydrocephalus and Cerebellar Mutism in Paediatrics

Join us for two days of topics on Hydrocephalus in Paediatrics & ‘Posterior fossa syndrome, cerebellar mutism following posterior fossa surgery'. If joining in person has been a challenge – join us via a live stream, be part of the group and interactive sessions - ask questions via: to the speakers. Codman Academy will be making...

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the premature death of our esteemed colleague and past President Pr Michel Zerah.

Michel was an internationally renowned pediatric neurosurgeon working in Paris, France at Necker Enfants Malades Hospital. Before serving as President of the ESPN from 2014 to 2016, he has been part of the Executive Board of the Society for many years, among the rest Chairing the Education Committee. He has been a true leader in this field and himself has contributed as Faculty in hundreds...

Poncho ceremony

Against all the difficulties of the period, the poncho was successfully delivered to Prof. Gianpiero Tamburrini during a short dressing event that was held in Tuscany, Italy on August 2nd 2021. The  ceremony  was hosted and leaded  by  one of the pioneers and founders of the Society, Prof. Concezio Di Rocco. .mfp-figure small...

Condolences for the loss of our friend and colleague

Dear Friends and Colleagues, On behalf of the ESPN I would like to express our deep sorrow on the very sad news of James Goodrich untimely loss. He was a great man, a great mentor and teacher to many of us, an inspiration to all of us and a great friend to me personally and to everyone of us who knew him. He was a greater supporter of ESPN and a teacher to our courses for over...

Introducing InterSurgeon

InterSurgeon is an innovative new website that helps forge international partnerships in Paediatric Neurosurgery. Membership is free and allows surgeons to create offers or requests for partnerships in clinical practice, teaching, training and equipment. The development of InterSurgeon has been made possible by a grant from the ISPN. Register today at Read More...