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 Membership Fees
 Active 65 €
 Active CNS* 115 €
 Associate 65 €
 Associate CNS* 115 €
 Affiliate 30 €
 Affiliate CNS* 80 €
 Candidate 30 €
 Candidate CNS* 80 €
*The CNS Fee Includes the subscription to the Child's Nervous System Journal, the official journal of the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ESPN)

Payment options

Payment can be made by credit / debit card. Your credit card information is encrypted directly to the bank without being disclosed or stored in our online system. If your card denies or does not allow payment, ESPN is not responsible for any delay or non-delivery. Please refer to your bank and make sure that international payments are activated or that the transaction is within your daily transaction limit.
For more information please contact us on secretariat@espnsociety.org

  • All memberships are valid during 1 calendar year
  • All payments must be made in EUR
  • Members receive email notifications about pending renewal payments