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ESPN message on Russian/Ukraine war

It is with unrestrained sorrow that as ESPN we’re following what is happening in Ukraine since now 20 days. Our scientific community has been joining since its constitution all physical European Continent pediatric neurosurgeons , so including Russian and more recently , among others, Ukraine pediatric professionals in our field. We’ve so had the privilege to appreciate their extreme devotion to children care, as well as their dedication to education and improvement of our practice.

Direct contacts we had to hear their position on both sides, in respect of the actual unacceptable situation, have confimed, as expected, that they are working in one direction, continuously diffusing messages in favour of an immediate peaceful conclusion of the ostilities.

Our Society reinforces whatever attempt and way may be followed to arrive to this result.

There is no State, military, political reason that can be accepted without respect of human life. Every death from one side and the other will be only a loss without possibility to be of any long term benefit; when, hopefully soon this will be understood, we will only have lost friends, parents, children , a price that we could have spared.

In this context our special thoughts are for children, innocent victims of direct violence and indirect damage being hampered to receive the due care, we are devoted to.

Gianpiero Tamburrini
President ESPN