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ESPN Congress

The ESPN Congress is organized on a biennial basis (traditionally in late April - early May) by the acting ESPN President in his country of origin. It is ESPN’s main educational activity since its first organization in 1967 in Vienna, Austria, which constituted the Society’s inaugural occasion.

ESPN Consensus Conference & Refresher Course

The Consensus in Pediatric Neurosurgery (CPN) module was developed by Professors Maurice Choux, Concezio Di Rocco and Christian Sainte-Rose, as a mean to reach a consensus in major issues of our subspecialty.

ESPN Postgraduate Course

The ESPN Annual Postgraduate Course in Pediatric Neurosurgery is the main vehicle of the Society to address and educate the next generation of professional in our subspecialty.

ESPN International Workshop

The ESPN International Workshop is organized on an annual basis, under the auspices of the ESPN Training & Education Committee. Its aim is to provide state-of-the-art hands-on experience on Pediatric Neurosurgery.