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About your account
You can login to the EPSN website’s protected areas by entering your username and password to the login fields on the top right corner.
If you do not remember your password, fill in your username and click the “Remind” button. An email will be sent to you to help you recover your password.
After you have successfully logged-in, a “My account” link appears on the top right corner. Clicking that link will lead you to the administration area, where you can view your account’s information, including your member code and last membership renewal, as well as create new entries in the website’s blog.

Blog area: overview

ESPN hosts a community blog, where members can exchange views on their clinical practice and research activities, as well as share with the community news and publications of interest for the pediatric neurosurgical subspecialty.
All register members are eligible to create a discussion or comment on posts.
The following general categories are available:
- Announcements
- Case discussion
- Q&A
- Publications
- What’s new

Blog area: create and edit discussions
On the left side of your account administration’s page, you will see a tree-view with the title “Controls”. One of the nodes of the tree view is the ESPN Blog. Click on the cross sign to expand and view all available sections of the blog.
Click on the section where you would like to add a new discussion. When the page loads, you will see all posts you have already created (if any). Click on the “New Page” link (on top) to create a new discussion or click “Edit” to edit an existing discussion. In the form that opens you may fill in three fields: “Title”, “Summary” and “Text”.  “Title” marks the title of your texts. In “Summary” and “Text”, click on the “edit” icon on the right to load an editor, which will allow you to enter your text. Images and documents can be uploaded, if needed, in the “Images/Flash” field. When you are finished, click “Save” to publish the discussion on the website.

Blog area: commenting on a discussion
Your member account also enables you to comment on an already posted discussion. You can enter your comment by typing it in the text field below the discussion. While typing, a textbox with the title “Pick a name” will appear. Please type your name and email, so as to submit and publish your comment; alternatively, you can sign in and comment through your Facebook/Twitter account (optional).

Blog area: terms of use
Please remember that the blog area is a tool for our community to share opinions and experience. Netiquette rules for forum discussion apply, as well as copyright restrictions outside the frame of fare internet use. The administrator reserves the right to remove posts that are not abiding to the aforementioned guidelines.

 For any queries, please feel free to contact us at