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ESPN accepts applications from pediatric neurosurgeons practicing in European countries. Neurosurgeons who reside outside Europe can be accepted as affiliated members.
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Please note that all applications will be examined and put into vote during the next ESPN Biennial Congress.

The following documents are to be delivered, in order for your membership application to be examined:

  1. Dully filled in application form
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation from ESPN members
  3. A detailed Curriculum Vitae

Please send your application plus supporting documents by e-mail at:
Prof. Francesco Sala
ESPN Membership Committee Chairman
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement, School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Verona
Via dell'Artigliere 8, 37129 Verona, Italy
E: francesco.sala@univr.it

For any inquiry you may have, please address the ESPN Administrative Secretariat:
E. espn@erasmus.gr l T. +30 210 7414728 l F. +30 210 7257532

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